Take Aways from WordCamp Dallas #WCDFW

Meet Ryan, the owner and principal producer at WPVentures. When Ryan isn’t working with clients, designing marketing campaigns, or working with teams to build world-class sites he is hanging out by the pool or enjoying a quick ride on a roller-coaster in Orlando.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a type of gathering creatives and other professionals¬†use to learn and connect around the United States. While we couldn’t be in the Dallas WordCamp this year, there are some incredible takeaways for businesses of all sizes.

Remember Why People Pay for Stuff

  • Core Needs – Why You buy Groceries
  • Improvements – why you pay for counseling
  • Pain reduction – why you pay the doctor
  • Risk Reduction – why you buy car insurance
  • Long-term Savings – why you join Costco
  • Larger Payouts – why you invest in stocks
  • Entertainment – why you go to the movies
  • Experiences – why you go on vacation

(Thanks @chrislema)

Why do customers choose your business?

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